Custom Cookies

Custom CookiesI make a truly exceptional large chocolate chip cookie! I use only Ghirardelli chocolate chips in my cookies. This cookie is soft on the inside with a bit of a crispy edge on the outside. It is substantial in size and fairly thick with just the right ratio of chocolate chips to dough every time you take a bite.

Reverse Chocolate Chip

This cookie has a deep, rich chocolaty flavor that comes from using Ghirardelli cocoa powder in the mix.  It is made with sweet Ghirardelli white chocolate chips that add the perfect contrast to the “not so sweet” chocolate dough. When you bite into in it, the cookie has a bit of a brownie taste and texture only to be enhanced by the white chocolate.

Each drop cookie is $1.00. I can also make just about any other cookie upon request.

“Drop” Cookie

a Drop Cookie is a cookie that is literally “dropped” on to a baking sheet from a spoon. Like a chocolate chip cookie or oatmeal raisin cookie.

Shortbread Cookies

Dipped in Ghirardelli chocolate, my shortbread cookies are buttery and fresh.They are truly the best cookies I have ever eaten! The smooth chocolate compliments the shortbread and provides a silky, rich texture every time you take a bite. I make 5 flavors of shortbread:

  • plain
  • chocolate chip
  • cinnamon
  • lemon (are NOT dipped in chocolate, but glazed with a lemony, sugar glaze)
  • cranberry

Cookie Trays

I can make a cookie tray for you for any occasion. Large or small, depending upon your needs, I can help make any dessert table look beautiful! Trays are priced based on how many cookies you order. There is also a price for the tray depending on what size tray you order.

Cookie bags/Popcorn Bags/Granola Bags

If you are having a wedding shower, baby shower, bar or bat mitzvah, birthday party, need a thank you gift, teacher gifts or just want to share something sweet with friends, I make darling bags of cookies with up to six cookies in each bag. I can make as many or as few bags as you want for your event. Also, if you have a special theme just let me know, and I can usually make the shape of the cookie tailored to your party. All of the cookies are put into a clear, cello bag closed with a silk ribbon bow. If you want a special color for the bow to match the party colors, I can accommodate that as well.

Boxed Cookies

I also sell cookies and box them up for you. This way if you need to bring cookies to an event or to someone’s house and want to use your own tray, this is the way to go!