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portrait of Rachel Katzman

Rachel Katzman

My inspiration for baking and for ultimately starting Sweet Somethings was to give people joy and happiness. I have always loved food! It is fuel, tastes good, brings people together, bridges cultures, opens minds, nurtures culinary artists, provides pleasure and teaches a child how to read directions and measure! And nothings gives me more satisfaction than to see people “light up” or to watch their eyes roll back when they taste something sweet that melts in their mouths when their tongues encounter a buttery shortbread cookie with a crisp edge and soft center. Pure joy!! To be able to give that experience to someone else is a gift that gives me great satisfaction.

I am a self taught baker. I started working with shortbread dough about three years ago and found that I had a knack for working with the dough and getting it to do what I wanted it to do in order to make the perfect cookie. A lot of trial and error have ensued as I have perfected the consistency and texture of the cookie. I have also read and watched a lot of videos about baking and what makes the perfect dough.  Baking is chemistry. So the finiteness of it gives me reassurance that “I can do this.”

I have three girls and a wonderful husband who love what I do because they are the official tasters of all things sweet in our house. When they come home they always want to know, “which ones can we have?” referring the sheet trays full of cookies from a day’s work. And I love baking because it is something I can do when everyone is gone at school or at work. I cherish and relish the quiet of my home when I am alone where I can bake and create warmth, aromas and love throughout my home.

Rachel Katzman