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Personalized baking for gifts and events

Personalized baking

Rachel Katzman is an experienced culinary artist, with a passion for elevating sweets to extraordinary heights.

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Gifts and surprises

Sweet Somethings bakes everything from scratch, ensuring a satisfying foundation for your gift or themed event.

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Events and catering

Holidays are a special time for Sweet Somethings, generating tremendous "wow" factor and creating sweet new memories.

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Personalized baking is limited only by your imagination...

With an astounding variety of color, shapes, textures and flavors, Sweet Somethings personalized baking bring you the world. Call today for a consultation and let Rachel Katzman develop a sweet, unexpected delight for your next event. Whether it's five beautiful butterfly cookies wrapped in cellophane with a beautiful bow, or 500 elegant black-and-whites delivered to a formal affair, Rachel's creativity, fast turn-around and exceptional customer service make Sweet Somethings the natural choice for all your personalized baking projects.